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Mirror City is a cyberpunk and urban pastel mini-setting. Built from evocative prompts instead of static details, it synthesizes story-first gameplay with the dense usability of old-school toolkits.

You can use Mirror City as its own game by inferring and creating your own rules, or as a supplement to spark inspiration for other games. A detailed, long-form game built on the same ideas as Mirror City, though in a different setting, is in the works.

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsCyberpunk, OSR, setting, urban-pastel


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Have you ever read one of those comics. fill style coloring. white frames. urban set. every 12 panels 1 piece of four-word dialogue. as gravity’s enough. a panel of two clockwork rats in mid-bicker over a single-use electronic. a panel of a public ad, personalized. a panel of a hand swiping right to buy periodical, as if to get that ad to stop showing the world this interest. a panel of a place too high to be all the time. Or climatise and stay to need to.



This is a great, minimal setting built all from prompts. Really well done!

Thanks for making this!

non-game related aside: the page font contrast renders it nigh unreadable.

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Thank you for reading!

You're right about the page font's colour, thanks for pointing it out. I wish I could offer a high-contrast option in addition to the way it looks now —I'll reflect on how to change it.