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Sixie is an OSR game made for the 6e game jam that aims to be fully, definitely, no work required at all, please do not @ me, 100% compatible with old-school and old-school-style DnD modules while providing a light, fluid framework inspired by modern games.

If we can, we pay $5 for this game.
If we can pay more, we pay more, so that others can pay less.
If we can't pay that much, we pay as much as we can, even if that means paying nothing.
If we don't know how much we can pay, we can always return later.

Additional credits because I have ADHD and forgot:
Thank you to Carl (@pocttrpg),
for making this project possible,
to Huw, my reader and my editor
and to Moe, my muse.


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This is really let down by having no clarification on action ratings. I'm not sure if "Beguile" & "Command" are basically charm & intimidate respectively, or if "Rig" is meant to represent your ability to MacGyver stuff together or what. I could always just replace them with my own words, but it seems like there was some thought behind using *those* words specifically.

If they were called "Charm" and "Intimidate," how would you figure out what they mean? You would use your natural understanding of those words and interpret the actions based on that, right? What does that tell you about how to interpret them given that they are instead called "Beguile" and "Command"? Hope this helps.


An elegant blend of some of my favorite games, yet stands on its own with its soft and easy to read tone. A very sleek rpg gem and I am looking forward to see this in action.